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Our Company is specialized in producing Rectifier and Battery Chargers, founding its activity in a very long experience.

Our main purpose is to supply industrial rectifiers and battery chargers constructed with advanced technology, specialistic and dedicated hardware and software, able to solve all the problems concerning the recharge of all kind of batteries, paying attention to the product working quality.

The large range of the Powergen’s catalogue, You can request by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , includes a series of industrial battery chargers and their spare parts.

Powergen s.r.l. grew following a constant technological development without forgetting its commitment for a rational use of its own sources.

Thanks to all these characteristics and an effective management Powergen is nowadays a very reliable firm for the main producers of forklift trucks in Italy and Europe. 

Iso 9001


The quality of all the Powergen products is proved by its customers satisfaction, and is guaranteed by very skilled workers.




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